The Common Class Project

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About the Common Class Project

The Common Class Project is an exploration into what happens when you take exceptional university content and give it to the world. We believe knowledge is a public good. The more people that have access to it, the better.

The content on The Common Class Project represents student experiences and is their own work, writing, and voice. The medium is long-form essay style notes, something we believe is appropriate for this project and (still) has purpose in a world striving to express itself in under 140 characters. Eventually we’ll be integrating conversational tools onto our class pages, so you can talk to the professors, guest lecturers, students, and the community at-large about the information and ideas presented.

This is our version of the commonplace book, which once comprised the collected knowledge of a group of people, whether that was a town, a village, a place of worship, or a family. You could say it was an early form of social reading. You could also say it’s a microcosm of what the Internet has become.

The Common Class Project is made by Nick Chirls, Sonia Saraiya, Tony Chu, and lots of other students, professors, and mentors. We do it for free.

If you’d like to help or get in touch, please do! You can email us at